MARLY is a story in a form you've never seen before, on subjects we're all talking about: global warming, green energy, and the protection of pristine environments and wildlife habitat.

MARLY is indeed an unusual book. The entire book is the vivid dialogue of one character.... The story works. It is easy to imagine Marly’s responses to the main male character’s attempt to be charming and witty and lovable in a smarmy way. All the best jokes are hers.
— The Hardwick Gazette
With MARLY, Peter Gould has again taken on an urgent subject...with brassy humor, verbal pyrotechnics, and dialogue so vivid, it’s as if a reader is standing right next to the characters as they philosophically riff, fling ideas back and forth, flirt and light up with moods and opinions.
— Howard Norman
I just finished this brilliant little revolution of a book, and I’m still firmly in its spell. (I loved every written and unwritten word of it!) Bravo Peter Gould for a courageous and important act of creativity.
— Jon Potter, LATCHIS ARTS

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