Horse-Drawn Yogurt
In HORSE-DRAWN YOGURT, Peter returns to offer his take on how we lived in times that seem exotic, yet oddly familiar. He is eloquent, whimsical, critical, musical, magical, and tender.
— Verandah Porche, poet & communard, author of SUDDEN EDEN
Gould is a consummate observer, and what he has gleaned over decades is now a delightful walk in another man’s hard-worked shoes...And if a heartfelt personal journey is not enough to inspire you as a reader, there are even a few poems, author-penned illustrations and a pie recipe.
— Steven Pappas, The Rutland Herald
Beautiful humor . . . beautiful writing.
— Vermont Public Radio
It’s a beautiful little book—funny, thoughtful, wise, and often poignant...HORSE-DRAWN YOGURT rings true and is well worth reading. Sometimes, Mr. Gould is just plain hilarious and leaves this writer, at least, nostalgic for the many offbeat and irreverent folk who once populated Vermont.
— Tena Starr, The Barton Chronicle

"This vivid, honest, and well-written memoir is not only informative but it is an important part of Vermont history: it was an incredible time in history for the entire nation, and Peter gives us a sense of this. "        —Bea Fantini, The Brattleboro Reforme



Peter, I sit here dewy-eyed at your honesty, insight, and superb use of the language of story. You got me!
— Dan MacArthur, Vermont timber framer