Peter Gould is the recipient of the 2016 Arts Education Award from the Vermont Arts Council. Gould wrote the legendary back-to-the-land novel Burnt Toast (Alfred A. Knopf)—the first fictional treatment of the 1970s commune movement in New England. Peter’s young adult novel, Write Naked (Farrar Straus) won the 2009 Green Earth Book Award. Gould leads a life of writing, directing, performing, gardening, teaching, and political activism.

HORSE-DRAWN YOGURT is Peter Gould's newest book, and his first nonfiction.

Horse-Drawn Yogurt: Stories from Total Loss Farm is a collection of true-life stories of a young man’s life on a Vermont farm commune at the height of the back-to-the-land movement. In 1969, author Peter Gould moved to Vermont. Soon after, he turned all the communal living, eating, smoking, dancing, loving, and farming into fantasy fiction in his first novel Burnt Toast (Alfred A. Knopf, 1972).

Now, in Horse-Drawn Yogurt, Gould has created a patchwork of true stories of farm life. You’ll learn how locals and newcomers helped each other out in a pivotal moment of history. Find out how young people, new to the land, learned how to tend gardens, animals, and fields, while belonging to a national movement against the Vietnam war and for peace and justice around the world.

Peter Gould—playwright, novelist, Shakespearean scholar, director, all around literary provocateur—is one of the most fearless writers alive. Gould is the dramaturge of our wordly problems and sense of wondrous possibility—he is a national treasure.
— Howard Norman